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  • Naz Beşcan

The Story of Pestil

Long-time friends Naz and Aslı, while talking about the books they want to buy on the phone by the end of 2020, they got the idea of ​​sharing their passion for books and second hand with others. Without telling anyone for a long time, they began to prepare business plans and to collect books. The books they came across gave them even more excitement and inspiration with their content, visuals and textures. The process, the books, the content in their minds, everything was ok, but they couldn't decide on the name. As they aimed to become a popular brand outside of Turkey in the future, they wanted an English name, but somehow they also wanted to remind them of the culture they came from, the language that made them love books, and the mysterious scent of Istanbul's second-hand booksellers. At the end of the day, it was an Istanbul brand they wanted to create. One day, while talking on the phone again, Aslı's mother enters the room and brings mulberry pulp. Aslı says, "Sorry, my mother came, she brought fruit pulp". Meanwhile, two friends had the same idea in their minds at the same time: Pestil Books! Fruit pulp made from fruits is a sweet, fun, natural but very traditional snack. They thought about the books that are stale, and the authors who are no longer around. They hoped to pull these books, topics, authors from their dusty shelves and reveal them. They builded their lively but nostalgic brand identities around these features of the word pestil, which is suitable for their selection that brings together books and magazines from the 1960s to the present.



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