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  • Naz Beşcan

Sustainable Libraries

As Pestil, we admire the contents, smells, traces and notes of the previous owners of second-hand books. We hope that the texts, images and cover designs representing a certain period will inspire book lovers and settle in their new libraries. However, apart from these, another reason why we love second-hand books is that we believe in the value of finding new homes for books that others have sacrificed, no longer needed, and had to say goodbye to because they moved to another country.

It is true that technological devices such as Kindl, which aims to reduce paper use, create a more sustainable reading habit. However, we also observe that the collector instinct in book lovers, the pleasure of touching books and experiencing them physically continues, and we also experience these feelings at first hand. We know that when second-hand books reach their new libraries, the use of paper decreases and the old ones are valued without buying a new book. With this aspect, Pestil aims to create more nature-friendly libraries in our homes. We would like to gladly deliver your books that you want to dispose of, which have now fulfilled their duties for you, to their new libraries.



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